For the past twelve years we have been throwing parties together; weddings, milestone birthdays, baby showers, retirement parties, just because parties. It is something that has always come naturally to us, we love doing it and we were always jumping in when a friend got engaged, or needed an invitation made. For years we worked for other people, doing other things and had these parties as our creative outlet until one summer we finally got real...

Together, we discussed ideas, goals and dreams of working for ourselves, we knew it was possible but we just weren’t sure what the first step would be. After a few brainstorming (and wine drinking) meetings, we decided that it was time to start this Event Styling, Letterpress and Design business together. It would be the perfect blend of our talents and our passions and heck, we were already doing the work for ourselves and our friends anyway – why not parlay that into a business? And with that, the idea of Champagne & Ink was born.

Since our launch in 2013 we have been busting our little butts to create our brand and showcase quality work. We have seen Champagne & Ink grow from a daydream into a sought after design company. The response we have received from the community and our clients is invigorating; every person we work with is so excited to have found us, and these relationships are what drive us to work harder. We find joy in not only living our dream, but bringing yours to reality as well.


My work history has ranged from photography studio assistant, art gallery manager, to business manager of a photographer with all sorts of odd roles in between; I constantly found myself writing down notes and sketching out ideas, toying with the idea of starting my own event / styling business. The push came after 2 years of being a stay-at-home mom and really taking the time to examine what I was passionate about; I finally realized that all of the notebooks I had filled with ideas could morph into a business.
I am usually the one to respond to your email, help you with wording suggestions, correct your grammar, pour you a glass of champagne, sketch out crazy big ideas, refine and perfect the vision and keep it all organized. 


My husband and I moved a few years ago to Newport RI, his hometown. Prior to our move I had been working at an advertising agency; I then moved into being strictly a freelance graphic designer. I saw this as a great opportunity to immerse myself into the community, and to bring my particular talents to a larger audience. Honestly, there is nothing I love more than designing paper goods for weddings and being able to letterpress.
I am usually the one to geek out over papers and textures with you in our consultation meetings, perfect the typography hierarchies, tackle all of the ordering, dance through design blocks, and hand feed each of your designs through the Letterpress machine.  

Things D loves ...



Saturday Mornings

A Good Pen

New Journals/Notebooks

White Space


Things E loves ...

Night Swimming


The Open Road


Beach BBQ's

Cotton Paper

A Good Pair of Jeans

Things we both love ...

Flip Flop Weather



The Ocean

A Good Book

Crossing Things off Lists